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Much more than just web design, Mauqah Technology offers web solutions that are aimed at getting results. From design to development and maintenance, we take care of it all. Today, Mauqah Technology is considered a pioneer with a stellar reputation of providing web development services and skyrocket business growth.

Development Process

At Mauqah Technology, we understand that your website is the virtual face of your business. As such, neither you nor we can afford any compromises in providing the absolute best the web has to offer. We follow the current methodologies, industry standards, and the available tech to ensure quality and timely delivery of the end product.

Our highly refined strategy includes the systematic estimation of an organization’s existing IT infrastructure, followed by an efficient solution that will help improve the manageability, efficiency, and flexibility of the business. We ensure that the best practices are followed in our proposal, which includes the scope of work, terms of maintenance, payment schedules, commitments, timeframe, and support.

One aspect of our backup service we are proud of is cost-effectiveness, as it drastically lowers the barrier to entry for private data backup service. We use advanced encryption techniques to ensure that no third-party can ever obtain access to your files. All data transmission takes place over a secure SSL channel.

Preliminary specification:

We partner with clients to craft detailed specifications of their requirements. This process may involve:

  • Determining your organizational objectives and displaying them front and center, so customers have a clear understanding of what your brand stands for.
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of your current web offerings and any other ideas that might be in your consideration.
  • Drafting a cost estimation based on your project requirements.
  • Building prototypes and testing them to see how they fare in real-world environment.

Development Methodology:

Once the project vision is clear to us, we proceed with the second phase: development. Our team of web designers and developers join heads, contributing with their expertise to carry out the following functions:

  • Coding and testing on PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, etc.
  • Projects using Java, Active X, etc. for various internet applications
  • Utilization of RDBMS, GUI, and language platforms
  • Cloud computing along with workflow applications
  • Technologies which include OOPS, COM/DCOM, CORBA

The Quality Assurance and Quality Control process starts alongside this stage.

Bug Testing:

Once the project, which was previously just an idea, starts taking shape, it is tested on numerous parameters at every stage to ensure that the end-product is fully operational and free from any bugs.

Installation Manual

Once all the bugs have been ironed out, we take the project live using tried and tested methodologies to ensure a seamless transition.

Maintenance Support

Post-launch, once the customer adoption rate has peaked, regular site maintenance and support is necessary to ensure smooth operation.

Exit Policy

We formulate the exit policy on the basis of consultation with the customer with information-sharing – Code Repository, Bug Log and Database, etc.

Helping Strengthen Brands with the Power of Web 2.0 & Beyond

With our unique approach to web development and our proven methodologies to project completion, we have helped organizations in numerous industries achieve outstanding growth in today’s competitive market environment. Our reputation rests on the shoulders of us always delivering on our promise.

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