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Mauqah Technology helps businesses across GCC determine if their present IT Infrastructure is sufficient or there is a need for an upgrade in light of business growth and expansion. In the latter case, we utilize our years of experience, technical know-how, and highly-skilled workforce to deliver client-specific upgrade solutions at the best possible prices.

Our Approach

We understand that a sound IT infrastructure is the most crucial asset for a modern enterprise and pride ourselves on our overhauling, upgrading, and new deployment services. Our goal is to give businesses a productivity boost by amalgamating several business functions for better management.

Our highly-refined strategy includes the systematic estimation of an organization’s existing IT infrastructure, followed by an efficient solution that will help improve the manageability, efficiency, and flexibility of the business. We ensure that the best practices are followed in our proposal, which includes the scope of work, terms of maintenance, payment schedules, commitments, timeframe, and support.

Our Infrastructure and Hardware Offerings

We provide unique infrastructure services based on experiences and our esteemed partnerships with vendors gained by virtue of those. Here are some unmatched solutions we currently offer:

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Cloud enables the utilization of resource sharing to attain economies of scale and enhance business effectiveness. At Mauqah Technology, we use our Microsoft Azure powered cloud solution to create a plan for clients to migrate workloads without any hindrances through an optimal delivery model (i.e., public cloud or private cloud).

Passive Infrastructure

Passive Infrastructure services comprise infrastructure designing and implementation as per the requirements of the business. It considers aspects like security, flexibility, and scalability and takes a holistic approach to reduce costs, improve service availability, and raise productivity and efficiency.

Server Storage

Mauqah Technology brings superior server storage options designed for any type of workload. With an ideology to enable clients to do more with less, we provide state-of-the-art server storage options for your business while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Wireless and Networking Solutions

With an astonishing increase in the network traffic of organizations, there is a consistent need to implement on-site Networking and Wireless Solutions. Our wireless solutions offer mobility, convenience, high productivity levels, scalability, reduced cost, and stress-free deployment. Our primary focus is that our clients stay connected to their business – anywhere and anytime!

Racking Solutions

Mauqah Technology, a prime partner of HP in Networking, has the expertise required to implement smart rack solutions for current or newly set up data centers in organizations. We also deal with any power and cooling, system access, and cable management concerns.

Disaster and Backup Recovery

Mauqah Technology provides the best possible backup & disaster recovery solution for SMEs to restore complete systems and applications over the WAN within a few minutes. Our IT disaster recovery control measures pertain to both preventive and corrective actions.

Power & Cooling

Mauqah Technology provides power and cooling solutions designed especially for complex electronic, communication, networking, and industrial equipment of all sizes. Moreover, we deal in globalized, AC & DC-based products and services designed for a wide range of equipment

Process followed

The process that Mauqah Technology follows begins from the design stage and ends at the executive stage through a well-structured process, which is tested and verified.

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