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Mauqah Technology offers highly specialized, full-coverage DevOps support for organizations at any stage of their digital transformation. We are dedicated, passionate experts for each of the pillars of our DevOps services:

Software architecture

Continuous integration

Continuous delivery




We recognize that organizations need flexibility when it comes to DevOps services — from full, end-to-end DevOps support to specialized needs in one or several areas.

The Need for Adopting DevOps in an Enterprise Environment

Businesses today need to be adaptable to overcome the challenges presented by constantly changing market trends. Seizing opportunities means responding to customers' needs faster, introducing new products on demand, revamping business processes, and creating new business models. The only way to do all this is by continuously improving innovation cycles and supporting them with technology.

DevOps, when integrated to work at enterprise scale, can empower organizations to drive continuous delivery in support of the high-performing enterprise’s need. It allows you to reduce deployment time by half and roll out new improvements faster through process automation. This translates to a more efficient delivery lifecycle.

DevOps also helps you ensure transparent collaboration and shorter feedback loops, saving both time and money on product iterations. The ability to identify and eliminate defects before they go into production is crucial for ensuring client satisfaction and retention. Last but not least, DevOps promises advanced application and infrastructure monitoring, so you can enjoy stable performance without compromise.

Workflow for DevOps Services

1. Discover the Problem

We listen to our client’s concerns, determine bottlenecks, and identify the pain points of the product that need to be addressed.

2. Create a Proof of Concept

Once all problematic areas have been identified, our DevOps experts come up with a proof of concept for visualizing the solution.

3. Build a Minimum Viable Product

Once the proof of concept is approved by the client, our DevOps team identifies the toolset required for the infrastructure.

4. Implementation

With thorough collaboration every step of the way, we implement the approved concept on client side.

5. Support

Our DevOps experts continue supporting the product to ensure optimal performance at all times, even scaling the solution to match the growth of your organization.

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